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  • Crystal Creatures is a game played to 100 points.

  • Knocking out a creature in battle earns you 5 points.

  • You can earn points by buying Medallions or Artifacts.

  • To unlock a Creature's special move, you must play a crystal card with them.

  • When a creature is knocked out, it is sent to the graveyard. If the creature has a crystal card or effect card attached to it, those cards go to the graveyard as well.

  • If the Creature's special move is attacked based, the crystal card goes to the graveyard after being used once. 

  • If the Creature's special move is not attack based, the crystal card remains on the battlefield until the Creature is sent to the graveyard or if an effect card removes it.

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  • To start your turn, you draw two cards. Each player must have 7 cards or less in their hand by the end of their turn.

  • Effect cards, crystal cards, and trades all must be done before you attempt an attack. Attacks end your turn.

  • Call out which attack you'd like your creature to attack and roll the dice. 

  • For your lesser attack to land, you must roll a 5 or higher.

  • For your higher attack to land, you must roll an 8 or higher.

  • Trades are allowed.

  • If you want to switch out a creature midbattle, you are allowed only if you discard a crystal card to the graveyard.

  • The creature you take out from battle must be shuffled into your deck.

  • If you do not have a creature in your hand to put on the battlefield, you can discard a crystal card and be able to draw two more cards. You can continue this process until you have a creature to play. 

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  • Each time you kill a creature, you will receive a token which is worth five points.

  • The player who has killed the most creatures holds the Most Kills Card which is worth an additional five points. 

  • If you get 3 of the same medallion, you will receive Medallion Trio Card which is worth an additional five points.

  • The player who has the most medallions will hold the Most Medallions Card which is worth an additional five points.

  • You can protect one of your medallions with three crystal cards.

  • Three crystal cards allow you to retrieve the first creature from your deck. You must show your opponent’s as you draw and then shuffle your deck once retrieving the creature.

  • When a creature is sent to the graveyard, you must immediately put a creature out on the field in its place even if it’s not your turn.

  • Deck building: Each Deck must consist of 60 cards. 35 Creatures, 15 Effect Cards, and 10 Crystal Cards.

  • Regulation Deck Breakdown:

    • Maximum three 100 LP Creatures

    • Maximum four 90 LP Creatures

    • Maximum seven 80 LP Creatures

    • Maximum ten 70 LP Creatures

    • Maximum ten 60 LP Creatures

    • Maximum ten 50 LP Creatures. 

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