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Watch Stranger in the Night now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Stranger in the Night is also streaming on Tubi, BingeHorror, and WowNow Entertainment.

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Click the image above to view our Kickstarter page for our next feature film titled California Dreamin'. The film follows five interconnected storylines on one night in Las Vegas, Nevada. The film has cast Zoe Lara, Aaron Parpart, Chynna Walker, Sydney Carvill, Kyler Campbell, Alize Cruz, Liss Wheeler, Marc Tabet,

Adam Davis, and Hannah Weidenfeld in key roles. 


Ella (lead role)

Ella, a Mexican immigrant is trapped in a loveless marriage to mob son Chris Visconti. 


Jessie (lead role)

Jessie, a Las Vegas Showgirl aspires to become a Hollywood actress.


Mel (lead role)

Mel leaves her cheating fiance and moves in with her best friend and fellow showgirl Jessie. 

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