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Shadia Martin

The past few months have been rough for Emma. After meeting and falling for Simon, Emma dropped out of high school to be with him. She cuts ties with her family, excluding her sister, and moves to San Diego with Simon. When Simon's hard partying and infidelity becomes an issue, Emma decides she needs to pack her bags and leave. With her back against the wall and being completely broke, Emma decides to audition for a pornography site. When she gets picked up by Jason's agency, she moves in with him and slowly realizes the industry isn't what she thought it was going to be.


Hannah Weidenfeld

Casey is a lost soul. She has a thirst and hunger for adventure and took the first offer to help her escape her boring life in Oakley, Nevada. From the farm to the big screen, Casey began doing porn shoots and now finds herself under Jason's management. She begins asking herself if it was worth it to leave the farm for the city. Her manager does not have her best interest at mind.


Francesca Phillips

From Pyote, Texas, Dani finds herself wanting to more in life. After being shunned by her family and church for rebelling at a young age, she decides to leave home as soon as she finishes high school. After doing a few solo scenes, Dani meets and falls for Jason. She moves into the house with Jason and his team, but her insecurities in their relationship begin to surface the longer she lives there. She is initially jealous of Emma because of how much Jason likes her.


Aaron Parpart

Little is known about Jason's past. All that is mentioned is that he grew up poor. He is a shifty character and is only looking to benefit himself. He manipulates and controls these girls. Jason is dating Dani, but it is unclear if he actually cares about her. Once he comes across Ray, he tries to throw a dinner party in an attempt to woe him into becoming business partners. 


Paul Osuch

Ray is a big time porn producer from the late 1980's/early 1990's. He is used to making the pornographic films with bigger budgets, well-known talent, and large sets. Ray is married to Heather, who used to be one of the biggest porn stars. They hate each other and constantly undermine one another. Ray is always eyeing the younger talent and has an eye for Jason's girlfriend Dani.


Kyler Campbell

Tommy is Casey's high school sweetheart who lives back in Oakley, Nevada. He is a farm boy and loves his slow paced life. He is one of Casey's only support systems and genuinely loves her. He is heartbroken when he finds out why she left Oakley to join the adult entertainment industry. There relationship is tested through the course of the film.

Tommy - Neon.jpg
Nailya Neon.jpg


Nailya Shakirova

Heather is a tortured soul. She is jaded and defeated because of the life that she lived. She used to be the biggest girl in the industry, but she'd trade it in in a heartbeat. She hates Ray for what they have become. She feels bad for Casey and sees a lot of herself in Casey. 


Joseph Stewart

Leon is Jason's right-hand man. He is the muscle of the group. He has a secret on-again-off-again relationship with Rachel. Leon is the only person Jason can trust and when things make a turn for the worst, Leon will see Jason's true colors.

Joseph in Neon.jpg


Charlene Del Toro

Kelly is the sweetest and bubbliest girl in the house. She is the first girl Casey meets and befriends. Kelly is everyone's support system in the house. When things turn south in the house, Kelly is the one to keep the girls feeling safe and calm.


Liss Wheeler

Tiffany has been in the industry for a couple of years and finds out that her contract is not being renewed. She blows up on Jason, Leon, and Chelsea causing a huge rift in the house.

Daniela as Chelsea.jpg

Daniela Munafo

Chelsea is one of the younger girls in the house, but is ready to take the industry by storm. She does not tolerate anyone's drama and is known to get in a scuffle everyone once in a while.


Andrea White

Raelynn is one of the more chill girls in the house. She does get caught up in drama every once in a while. She is closest to Chelsea in the house and also welcomes Casey into the house with open arms.


Crisann Neon.jpg


Crisann Smith

Leila is Casey's best friend back in Oakley. She is always ready to discuss the latest drama or gossip. She knows everything about everyone, even if it is just a rumor. She is a ride or die kind of friend.


Lindsey Cruz

Rachel is from Casey's hometown and they cross paths at a party back in Oakley. Rachel's presence sparks Casey's interest. She has a on-again-off-again relationship with Leon. She gets dropped from Jason's website and is very angry with Leon and will do anything to help her further her career.

Rachel - Neon.jpg
AJ - Neon.jpg


C'Monte Gurka

AJ is one of the guys that helps run Jason's website. He is an untrustworthy, shady character. He is also known for being the biggest pervert in the house and won't stop gawking at Jenna. 

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